Filetto (v1.05 901009)

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EMU Infos
dumper f205v, Corrado Tomaselli
dump date 31/01/2005, 24/09/2009
emulator MAME 0.114u2
dev Angelo Salese
PCB Infos
name filetto
description Filetto (v1.05 901009)
year 1990
manufacturer Novamartic - Empoli - Firenze


Technical references


QTY Type clock position function
1x AMD P8088-1 8.000MHz main board u28 8-bit Microprocessor - main processor
1x Proton PT8010AF main board support chip for 8088/8086 boards. Includes clock

generation, timer, interrupt, DMA and glue logic.

1x UM8272A main board u12 floppy disk controller
1x UM82C11 main board u17 Printer Adapter Interface
1x UM8250B main board Programmable asynchronous communications element
1x UM82C8167 main board Real-Time Clock(RTC)
1x YAMAHA V6363 main board u69 video
1x UM5100 sound board u13 Voice Processor
1x MC1458CPI sound board u5 amplifier
1x TDA2003 sound board Audio Amplifier - sound
1x oscillator 16.000MHz main board Y1
1x oscillator 8.000MHz main board Y2
1x oscillator 1.8432 main board Y3
1x oscillator 28.636 main board Y1 OSC
1x oscillator main board Y4


QTY Type position status
2x M5L2764K u49,u55 main board dumped
1x D2764A-2 u67 main board dumped
2x M27C1001 u14,u15 sound board dumped
4x AM27C512 u1,u2,u3,u4 sound board dumped


QTY Type position
2x KM41464AP-12 u65,u68 main board
9x HY53C256LS-80 u86,u88,u90,u92,u94,u96,u98,u100,u102 main board


QTY Type position status
1x PAL14L4CN u37 main board dumped
1x PAL16L8ACN u10 sound board read protected -> extracted with CmD's PALdumper
1x AMPAL16R8APC u7 sound board read protected -> can not extract yet, it's registered


1x JAMMA edge connector (sound board)
2x trimmer (volume&voice) (sound board)
1x trimmer (unknown) (sound board)
1x 4x2 switches DIP (sound board)
1x 8x2 switches DIP (main board)


This is a PC mainboard, with the usual game, printer, driver, rs232, video, ide ports.

update 2008-04-05: added a few information about PALs; confirmed that dump is GOOD

update 2009-09-24: dumped PALs and updated description



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