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EMU Infos
dumper Corrado Tomaselli
date 31/01/2010
emulator MAME 0.37b13
dev Nicola Salmoria
PCB Infos
name overdriv on ProgettoEMMA
overdriv on Arcade Database
description Over Drive
year 1990
manufacturer Konami


Technical references


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QTY Type position status



It's very funny but it is very short (only 5 stages, you complete them in 5-6 minutes).
It was made to be finished every time trying to beat max speed records and points (proportional to times).
In the eeprom there were some incredibile records stored (more the 1 milion of points and 400km/h of max speed!) probably when it was in the arcades.
The 5 soundtracks you can select when you start are very cool (you can also have only sfx if you want).
The game seems to run at 30fps, it's not as fluid as Outrun or Taito driving games but some constructions at the side of the road seems to be textured polygons with depth (they are not flat,actually it reminds voxel technic to me)!
Also in the last stage there is a bridge you pass diagonally and then run at your side. very cool.
Another great feature is that, unlike other driving game of the same era, when you steer , it seems you drift since the camera move to the inner side of the road.
To my knowledge it's the only vertical monitor driving game...

The game appears to have been finished in a rush.
It has some gfx glitches : the max res of the sprites is > of the background so if you don't adjust the monitor you see them going in the black area above the background.
In the second level you can fall down from the road. When this happens there are some fucked up priorities.
When you are steering very hard, the sprite of your car move aside and you can see that the road is not drawn entirely (you will see a black background under).
In the end sequence there is a fade to white: it is very stepped and the refresh is slow ;)
There is an unused connector on the pcb called BODY SONIC (I think it's somekind of subwoofer system never implemented).


Attract mode video 1
Attract mode video 2
Title screen video


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