Punk Shot (Japan 2 Players)

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EMU Infos
dumper f205v
date 09/12/2018
emulator MAME 0.37b14
dev Nicola Salmoria
PCB Infos
name punkshotj on ProgettoEMMA
punkshotj on Arcade Database
description Punk Shot (Japan 2 Players)
year 1990
manufacturer Konami


Technical references


QTY Type clock position function
1x MC68000P12 G5 16/32-bit Microprocessor - main
1x Z08400006PSC E5 8-bit Microprocessor - sound
1x YM2151 C8 FM Operator Type-M (OPM) - sound
1x YM3012 B10 D/A Converter (DAC) - sound
1x LM324N B8 Quad Operational Amplifier - sound
1x MB3722 C3 Audio Amplifier - sound
1x Konami custom 053260 C6 Audio PCM/ADPCM
1x Konami custom 051937 I20 Video Sprite Generator - palette, shadow, transparency
1x Konami custom 051960 I16 Video Sprite Generator - list and color code
1x Konami custom 051962 G19 Video Tilemap Generator
1x Konami custom 052109 E19 Video Tilemap Generator
1x Konami custom 053251 H12 Video Priority encoder
3x Konami custom 052535 S80,S174,S89 Video 5-bit video DAC
2x Konami custom 007644 G6,G7  ?
10x Konami custom 005273 RN1-10 Resistor array for player inputs controls
1x Konami custom 051550 D11 EMI filter for credit/coin counter and reset
1x oscillator 24.000000MHz H24 main
1x oscillator 3.579545 C9 sound


QTY Type position status
1x AM27C512 E8 dumped (double size, first half is filled with 0x00)
2x AM27C010 I7 I10 dumped
1x Konami 053502-907D04 D3 dumped
2x Konami 053503-907D05 053504-907D06 E22 E23 dumped
2x Konami 053505-907D07 053506-907D08 K2 K7 dumped


QTY Type position
1x MB8416-15L-SK E6
2x MB8464A-10L-SK D16 D18
2x MB8464A-15L-SK I8 I12
3x MCM2018AN45 E12 E13 I15


QTY Type position status
1x Konami custom 053736 G8 TIBPAL16L8-25CN read protected


1x 28x2 JAMMA edge connector
2x 15 legs connector(CN2, CN3)
3x 4 legs connector(MONO CN4, STEREO CN5, SOUND OUT CN6)
2x trimmers (volume, LEFT, RIGHT)
2x 8 DIP switches banks (DIPSW1, DIPSW2)
1x 4 DIP switches bank (DIPSW3)


PCB is marked: "KONAMI AI AM-2", "MADE IN JAPAN" and "PWB 352011A" on component side
PCB is marked: "KONAMI" and "PWB 352011A" on solder side



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