Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Alpha Magic-F bootleg set 5, 920313 etc)

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EMU Infos
dumper Tirino73
date 08/11/2006
emulator FB Alpha v0.2.97.32
dev Barry Harris, JacKc
PCB Infos
name sf2amf5
description Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Alpha Magic-F bootleg set 5, 920313 etc)
year 1992


Technical references


QTY Type clock position function
1x 68000 16/32-bit Microprocessor - main
1x Z80 8-bit Microprocessor - sound
1x 6295 4-Channel Mixing ADCPM Voice Synthesis LSI - sound
1x YM2151 FM Operator Type-M (OPM) - sound
1x YM3012 D/A Converter (DAC) - sound
1x oscillator 16.12MHz
1x oscillator 3.58


QTY Type position status


QTY Type position


QTY Type position status



sf2th-4 to sf2th-7 main program
sf2th-8 to sf2th-12 graphics
Sound rom files aren't present because they are identical of SF2 set (sf2_9.bin prg, sf2_18 and sf2_19 ADPCM data)
The rest of gfx roms are x12 16bit mask roms (identified by pinouts as 27c400 equivalent) and aren't present yet because they are soldered on board,but i suppose that they are identical to existing set.
Eproms are 27c040,27c010,27c512 and 27c1024 16bit (sf27h-9 to sf2th-12)
This romset comes from a bootleg/hacked SF2 pcb.I cannot know differences because pcb is faulty.

20120417 update from JacKc (original post here)
Recently I have been looking at Street Fighter II' - (Turbo Hack) [sf2th] from EMMA to find out why it does not work on FBA because it resets itself.
I've notice some program ROMs got same crc has others ROMs in some others SF2CE Bootlegs :
stf2th-7.bin crc 03991fba size 524288 = u222 from sf2m5
stf2th-6.bin crc 64e6e091 size 131072 = u221 from sf2koryu and sf6-2.010 from sf2m14
stf2th-4.bin crc c95e4443 size 131072 = u195 from sf2koryu, sf3d5-4010 from sf2m13 and sf6-4.010 from sf2m14
Assuming these roms are GOOD dumps, only stf2th-5.bin seems to be responsible of the game to reset itself.
Lookin at sf2m5, sf2koryu, sf2m13 and sf2m14 and compare them to sf2th with romcmp, I've identified u196 program ROM from sf2m5 is the ROM which has best match with stf2th-5.bin.

stf2th-5.bin u196 95.618248%

To be sure i'm in the good way, I've splitted u196 and stf2th-5.bin into 128kb parts to see the crc results :

As you can see, 3 of 4 parts are identical so I've decided to compare sf2th-5.bin.001 and u196.001 with winhex :

Search for differences

1. F:\Street Fighter II' Turbo Hack\stf2th-5.bin.001: 131 072 bytes
2. F:\Street Fighter II' Turbo Hack\u196.001: 131 072 bytes
Offsets: hexadec.

 6FEC:	00	11
 6FED:	00	17
 6FEE:	00	40
 6FEF:	00	11
 6FF0:	00	17
 6FF1:	00	40
 6FF2:	00	11
 6FF3:	00	17
 6FF4:	00	40
 6FF5:	00	12
 6FF6:	00	17
 6FF7:	00	40
 6FF8:	00	12
 6FF9:	00	17
 6FFA:	00	40
 6FFB:	00	12
 6FFC:	00	05
 ....   ..      ..
 ....   ..      ..
 D47E:	00	08
 D480:	00	01
 D481:	00	08

22 973 difference(s) found. 

We can clearly see some data are missing in stf2th-5.bin.001 and instead are filled with 00. Maybe because it has been BAD Dumped ,EPROM was dying during dump or simply due to some kind of protection...
Using u196 program ROM instead of stf2th-5.bin (using reasonable assumptions we have what we believe to be a good dump), the game finally boot and is playable:

Treble Winner then added support for the extra graphics roms which map over the current roms at 0x400000, it looks they provide Hyper Edition graphics to this Champion Edition bootleg. This also fixes some glitches in places, eg, the bike in the background of Chun-Li's stage and some alternate costumes.
Hope it will be added to MAME.



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