Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (another bootleg 3)

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EMU Infos
dumper f205v, Maru79
date 07/05/2022
PCB Infos
name 1753
description Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (another bootleg 3)
year 1992


Technical references


QTY Type clock position function
1x MC68000P10 11.96MHz(@15) 16/32-bit Microprocessor - main
1x M6295 749.4kHz(@5) - 749.4Hz(@6) - PIN 3 HI (4,0V) 4-Channel Mixing ADCPM Voice Synthesis LSI - sound
1x PIC16C57 8bit CMOS Microcontroller - internal ROM dumped - see note (1)
1x LM324N - Quad Operational Amplifier - sound
1x uPC1241H - Audio Amplifier - sound
1x oscillator 16.000MHz
1x oscillator 12.000MHz
1x oscillator 6.000MHz


QTY Type position status
1x TMS27C512 28 dumped
4x A27C010 21,22,29,30 dumped
1x TMS27C010A 26 dumped
1x D27C010A 24 dumped
1x 27C040 JYG-4 dumped
1x 27C040 JYG-5 not dumped (error on PIN31)
1x AM27C040 25 dumped
1x M27C4001 27 dumped
12x M27C400 KSTVIU-1,2,3,4,5, KSY-1,2,3,4, JYG-1,2,3 dumped


QTY Type position
10x MCM2018AN45
2x HY62C256P-15
2x GM76C256L-85


QTY Type position status
13x PALCE16V8H-25PC/4 1,2,4,5,7,9,11,12,13,14,15,18,22 read protected
4x HY18CV8S-30 10,25,26,27 read protected
9x PALCE20V8H-25PC/4 6,8,16,19,20,21,23,24,28 read protected
2x GAL22V10-25LP 3,17 read protected


1x 28x2 JAMMA edge connector
1x 10 legs connector (MOLEX 10P) connected to small daughterboard with double JAMMA edge
1x trimmer (volume)(VR1)
3x 8x2 switches DIP (SWA,SWB,SWC)
1x trimmer (unknown, on small modification PCB)


small modification PCB is connected to main at resistor-net with 4 tiny cables (all of them cut off)
connector PCB is etched "LATO COMPONENTI S.E." on component side
main PCB is labeled "OGA", "O.K" and "9453" on component side
(1) the chip is unmarked, but I strongly suspect it to be a 16C57 due to the fact that a check on my programmer gives "bad contact on pin 3,5" which are NC on said PIC

update 20220514: completed dump (but for 1 bad MaskROM)



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