Super Breakout (rev 03)

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EMU Infos
dumper f205v, Alessio
dump date 11/02/2008
emulator MAME 0.135
dev Andy Welburn, Lord Nightmare
PCB Infos
name sbrkout3 on ProgettoEMMA
sbrkout3 on Arcade Database
description Super Breakout (rev 03)
year 1978
manufacturer Atari


Technical references


QTY Type clock position function
1x 6502 8-bit Microprocessor - main
1x oscillator 9p


QTY Type position status
9x DM74S573J 0k,0l,0m,0n,0p,1l,1m,1n,1p dumped
1x DM74S573J 33448.1k not dumped
1x PROM 2m sync PROM missing
2x N82S131 4p,4r char PROM dumped
1x N82S123 6k ball PROM dumped
1x N82S131 2e decoder PROM dumped


QTY Type position


QTY Type position status



Not working.
This is an original Atari board, with a ROM layout alternative to the one already in MAME.
If you check operators manual, you can see that Atari shipped Super Breakout in 2 flavours:
1) with 3 2Kx8 EPROM and a 7400 in the upper part of the PCB (the one already in MAME)
2) with 10 1Kx4 PROM in the lower part of the PCB (the one you can find here)
The 2 dumps look like they are equivalent, where PROMs are joined 2by2 as 4hi-4lo bits of an 8 bits word; this should be checked.



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