Techno Drive (Japan, TH2/VER.A)

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EMU Infos
dumper f205v
date 13/05/2021
PCB Infos
name 1733
description Techno Drive (Japan, TH2/VER.A)
year 1998
manufacturer Namco


Technical references


QTY Type clock position function
1x H8/3002 HD6413002F17 main PCB 10R 8/16/32-bit Single-Chip Microcomputer - sound (internal ROM not dumped)
1x Namco custom C416 9750 E41 QFP176-(44x44)-24x24mm main PCB 7L Memory/DMA Controller
1x Namco custom C352 9750 Z01 QFP100-(30x20)-20x14mm main PCB 8S PCM sound chip
1x MB88347 SOIC16-200mil main PCB 8C 8-bit 8-Channel D/A Converter with OP AMP Output Buffers
1x 6358N SOIC8-150mil main PCB 9D Frequency Synthesizer for TV/CATV
1x 6741 SOIC8-150mil main PCB 10D Low Noise OP-AMP
1x 3414A SOIC8-200mil main PCB 11B Dual OP-AMP
1x LC78832M SOIC20-200mil main PCB 12B 2-Channel 16-Bit D/A Converter LSI with 2 On-Chip Digital Filters
1x 2061-ASC1 SOIC16-300mil main PCB 5P Programmable Clock Generator
1x R4543 SOIC14-150mil main PCB 1F Real Time Clock Module
1x ADM485 SOIC8-150mil main PCB 8A Low Power RS-485 Transceiver
1x CXA1779P DIP28-600mil main PCB 9B TV/Video Circuit RGB
1x LA4705N - main PCB 11A Audio Power Amplifier - sound
1x oscillator 14.7456MHz main PCB X1
1x Sony CXD8654Q CPUs PCB IC103 GPU
1x Sony CXD8661R CPUs PCB IC4 R3000A-based CPU
1x M44200FT QFP44-(11x11)-10x10mm CPUs PCB IC201 Triple 8-bit Video DAC
1x oscillator 100MHz CPUs PCB X1
1x oscillator 53.693MHz CPUs PCB X101


QTY Type position status
1x AT28C16-15SC main PCB 2S dumped
1x E28F016S5-95 main PCB 2L dumped (maybe bad, 2 dumps)
1x E28F016S5-95 main PCB 2P not dumped (bad dump)
1x 29F400TA-90 main PCB 11S dumped
2x 29F016A-90PFTN ROMs PCB IC12, IC13 dumped
2x MSM27C3202 ROMs PCB IC5WAVE0(TH1WAVE0), IC4WAVE1(TH1WAVE1) dumped


QTY Type position
2x N341256SJ-15 main PCB 9J,9L
2x KM4132G271Q-10 (128K x 32Bit x 2 Banks Synchronous Graphic RAM) CPUs PCB IC151,IC152
2x KM416V1204BT-L5 CPUs PCB IC51,IC52


QTY Type position status
2x PALCE16V8H-15JC/4 main PCB 2B,3B read protected (etched: MOT3,MOT7)
5x PALCE22V10H-15JC/4 main PCB 2D,4D,6D,7D,4F read protected (etched: MOT4,MOT2,MOT5,MOT6,MOT1)
1x MACH211-15JC ROMs PCB IC2 read protected (etched: A KEYCUS KC027)


1x 28x2 JAMMA edge connector (main PCB J102)
1x 34x2 shrink edge connector (main PCB J101)
1x 100 pins connector from main PCB to ROMs PCB (main PCB J103)
1x 6 legs JAMMA2 power connector (main PCB J104)
2x VGA connectors (main PCB J105,J106)
4x RCA connectors (main PCB J107)
1x USB connector (main PCB J108)
1x 4 legs connector (main PCB J110)
1x 90 pins connector from main PCB to CPUs PCB (main PCB J111)
1x trimmer (volume) (main PCB SPEAKER VOL2)
1x 2 DIP switches bank (main PCB SW2)
1x battery 3.6V (main PCB BT1) 1x 100 pins connector from ROMs PCB to main PCB (ROMs PCB J101)
1x 90 pins connector from CPUs PCB to main PCB (CPUs PCB CN1)


main PCB is marked: "NAMCO", "TSK-A", "8661961000 (8661971000)" and "SYSTEM12 MOTHER(B) PCB" on component side
main PCB is labelled: "TH 2 Ver. A", "A22958" and "28-195" on solder side
ROMs PCB is marked: "NAMCO Made in Japan", "TSK-B", "8661961901 (8661971901)" and "System12 M8F2F PCB" on component side
ROMs PCB is labelled: "A0863" on solder side
CPUs PCB is marked: "MADE IN JAPAN", "SONY S-M2B", ">EP-GW<", "NAMCO" and "COH-700 GP-15 1-664-477-12" on component side
CPUs PCB is marked: "MADE IN JAPAN", "SONY" and "GP-15 1-664-477-12" on solder side
CPUs PCB is labelled: "No.350070" on component side




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