Dog Fight (Thunderbolt)

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EMU Infos
dumper f205v
dump date 28/04/2009
emulator MAME 0.35b13
dev Zsolt Vasvari
PCB Infos
name dogfight on ProgettoEMMA
dogfight on Arcade Database
description Dog Fight (Thunderbolt)
year 1983.05.05
manufacturer Thunderbolt - Orca


[edit] Technical references

[edit] CPUs

QTY Type clock position function
1x Z80 sound PCB 3m 8-bit Microprocessor - sound
1x AY-3-8910 sound PCB 3j Programmable Sound Generator - sound
1x C1182H - sound PCB 2a Audio Amplifier - sound
1x Z8400AB1 main PCB 3c 8-bit Microprocessor - main
1x oscillator 18432 main PCB X1

[edit] ROMs

QTY Type position status
1x ET2732Q sound PCB 4n sound - dumped
2x ET2732Q main PCB 4m,4n main - dumped
2x HN482764G main PCB 4f,4h main - dumped
3x ET2732Q ROMs PCB 3s,7n,7r gfx - dumped
2x MMI6331-1 ROMs PCB 2a,2b dumped

[edit] RAMs

QTY Type position
2x MM2114N sound PCB 2p,2r
1x M58725P main PCB 2k
4x MM2114N ROMs PCB 2r,2s,4n,4p
2x uPD2114LC-2 ROMs PCB 2j,2l
1x F93425PC ROMs PCB 5c
1x F93422PC ROMs PCB 5d

[edit] PLDs

QTY Type position status

[edit] Others

1x 22x2 edge connector - sound PCB
1x 50 pins flat cable connector from sound PCB to main PCB and ROMs PCB
2x 8 DIP switches banks (sound PCB 3e, 4e)
1x trimmer (volume) (sound PCB VR1)
1x 50 pins flat cable connector from main PCB to sound PCB and ROMs PCB
1x 50 pins flat cable connector from ROMs PCB to sound PCB and main PCB

[edit] Notes

sound PCB is marked: "5-5-83" on solder side
main PCB is marked: "5-5-83" on component side
My dump has gfx EPROM 3S as 2732 (0x1000). The dump actually in MAME has df-6 as 2716 (0x0800), but both the readme for it and the markings on the PCB itself say it should be an 2732; therefore I think my dump is correct and the one actually in MAME should be amended.

update 20220111: full redump, added pics, better description.

[edit] Files


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