Ghost Squad (GDX-0012)

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|1x || [[16C62x|PIC16C622A]] ||  || (317-0318-COM)(253-5508-0398) || 8bit CMOS Microcontroller (internal ROM dumped)
|1x || [[16C62x|PIC16C621A-20/P]] ||  || (317-0318-COM)(253-5508-0398) || 8bit CMOS Microcontroller (internal ROM dumped)

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EMU Infos
dumper Ripper006, MajorPBX
date 18/02/2015
emulator MAME 0.159
dev Metallic
PCB Infos
name ghostsqo on ProgettoEMMA
ghostsqo on Arcade Database
description Ghost Squad (GDX-0012)
year 2004.09.14
manufacturer Sega


[edit] Technical references

[edit] CPUs

QTY Type clock position function
1x PIC16C621A-20/P (317-0318-COM)(253-5508-0398) 8bit CMOS Microcontroller (internal ROM dumped)

[edit] ROMs

QTY Type position status

[edit] RAMs

QTY Type position

[edit] PLDs

QTY Type position status

[edit] Others

[edit] Notes

It's a Chihiro disk.
Disk type: CD
Disk N°: GDX-0012
Disk ID: BHU
Key: 970EFE79CE32AB4A

update 20191201: MajorPBX dumps the PIC from an unprotected device.

[edit] Files


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