Millennium Sun

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EMU Infos
dumper Corrado Tomaselli
date 03/09/2005
emulator MAME 0.125u4
dev Roberto Fresca
PCB Infos
name millsun on ProgettoEMMA
millsun on Arcade Database
description Millennium Sun
year 2000


[edit] Technical references

[edit] CPUs

QTY Type clock position function
1x H8/3337-HDY0F5-64F3337F16 32-bit Single-Chip Microcomputer - main (internal 60KB ROM not dumped)
1x NEC D7759GC-0124XY007 ADPCM Speech Synthesizer LSIs - sound
1x TDA2003 - Audio Amplifier - sound
1x oscillator 14.318180MHz
1x oscillator 16.000

[edit] ROMs

QTY Type position status
1x M27C1001 0 dumped
4x M27C4001 1,2,3,4 dumped

[edit] RAMs

QTY Type position
3x V62C5181024L-35W

[edit] PLDs

QTY Type position status
2x ispLSI1032E-70LJ read protected

[edit] Others

1x 28x2 edge connector (not JAMMA)
1x RS232 connector
1x 14 legs connector
1x 34 legs connector
2x 8 switches dip
1x battery
1x trimmer (volume)
1x trimmer (unknown)

[edit] Notes

PCB is marked: "BV 2-0257/A" on component side
PCB is labelled: "TEST OK 00/47" on component side

[edit] Files


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