Mr. Do's Wild Ride

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EMU Infos
dumper Lorenzo Fongaro
date 09/05/2020
PCB Infos
name 1702
description Mr. Do's Wild Ride (alt)
year 1984
manufacturer Universal


Technical references


QTY Type clock position function
1x CF37201N F5 4-bit Microcontroller - main (internal ROM not dumped) - THIS IS A WILD GUESS! see notes
2x LH0080A Z80A-CPU-D A1 S1 8-bit Microprocessor - main
1x LH0080A Z80A-CPU-D L7 8-bit Microprocessor - sound
1x HD465050SP S5.6 CRT Controller (CRTC) - Video
2x TMS1025 - D8 F8 Input/Output Expander
4x SN76489AN N9 NP9 P9 R9 Digital Complex Sound Generator - sound
1x LM324N - N10 Quad Operational Amplifier - sound
1x oscillator 9.828MHz XL1
1x oscillator 4.000MHz XL2


QTY Type position status
8x TMS2764 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 dumped - a few need to be redumped
2x I27128 0,5 dumped
1x N82S147N 1b,9c not dumped yet


QTY Type position
5x MB8128-15 D1 E1 F1 H1 N7
1x MB8128-10 DE4
16x MN4164P B6 C6 D6 DE6 E6 F6 H6 J6
B7 C7 D7 DE7 E7 F7 H7 J7


QTY Type position status


1x 28x2 edge connector
2x 8 DIP switches banks(SW1.H9 SW2.H8)


PCB is marked: "UNIVERSAL 8339A" on component side

No proof at all that custom CF37201N is really a TMS 1000 family chip, even if there are some suspect that it is; mainly due to being manufactured by TI and having 2 support chips (TMS1025N2L) which are spedifically ment for TMS 1000 family.



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